Vol 1 No 1 (2020)
Why Venice?

The Magazine la biennale: Articulating a Model for Periodicals Published by Recurring Exhibitions

Camilla Salvaneschi



− Abstract

The first biennial that published a magazine was the Venice Biennale. The magazine la biennale di Venezia was published from 1950 to 1971. It was conceived as an institutional instrument, to keep the audience of the show informed about the activities of the Biennial during the year. The magazine had the mission to engage in the activities organized by the institution, and discuss and examine all the disciplines at the core of the Biennials program, which meant not only art, but also cinema, fashion, music and theatre. The magazine la biennale pursued the same international intents as the exhibition, becoming a site of network and exchange between different nations, as well as a medium to foster local and international critical dialogue. During the almost twenty years of its existence the publication evolved from informative instrument, which included lists of artworks sold during the editions of the biennial, alongside lists of new acquisitions of the biennial’s archive, into a container for critical thought and theory.

− Keywords
Venice Biennale, Rivista La Biennale, Elio Zorzi, Umbro Apollonio, Art Magazine