Vol 1 No 1 (2020)
Why Venice?

OBOE Journal On Biennials and Other Exhibitions launches its first issue with a focus on the Venice Biennale. Born in 1895, the Venice exhibition, although the criticism for its limitations, is still one of the most significant and defining events of the contemporary art calendar. Many are the studies devoted to the Venice Biennale, but many are the gaps and fallacies that remain around the analysis of this exhibition. Attending to some of these oversights in Why Venice? remains critically important, and not just because this is our first issue, but primarily because it intends to answer something we felt was fundamental.

Contributors: Caroline A. Jones, Maria Mimita Lamberti, Vittoria Martini, Clarissa Ricci, Camilla Salvaneschi, Martina Tanga, Angela Vettese.