Vol 3 No 1 (2022)
Exhibiting Prints: The Role of Printed Matter in International, Large-Scale Exhibitions

Triple Trouble: Biennials and Art fairs Under Discussion.
Reviewing three books

Adelaide Duarte
Lígia Afonso



− Abstract

There is a growing number of sources on the subjects of biennials and fairs. Reviewing three recently published books about art fairs and biennials presents us an opportunity to discuss fresh research on openly market-driven exhibitions (art fairs) and ostensibly less commercial ventures (biennials and the large-scale exhibitions). Arguing for the independence of biennials from the art market, and benefiting from a multidisciplinary perspective, the three publications add innovative knowledge to an issue that still arouses some criticism. Double Trouble in Exhibiting the Contemporary: Fairs and Biennials edited by Cristina Baldacci, Clarissa Ricci and Angela Vettese; From Roman Feria to Global Art Fair, From Olympia Festival to Neo-liberal Biennial. On the 'Biennialization' of Art Fairs and the 'Fairization' of Biennials, by Paco Barragán; and Biennials. The Exhibitions we Love to Hate by Rafal Niemojewski, will be here analyzed in terms of their structure and their contribution to the subject. 

− Keywords
Art Fairs, Biennials, Biennialization, Exhibitions, Contemporary