Vol 1 No 1 (2020)
Why Venice?

International Exhibitions in Venice

Maria Mimita Lamberti



− Abstract

"International Exhibitions in Venice" was written by Maria Mimita Lamberti in 1982 as part of a larger text "1870-1915: i mutamenti del mercato e le ricerche degli artisti" printed in Einaudi’s encyclopedic publication Storia dell'arte italiana. The text focuses its attention on the changes that occurred both in the art market system and in artistic expression between 1870 and 1915. Inserted in a companion volume on Italian twentieth-century art, it was intended to provide an understanding of the growing apparatus of exhibitions. The text’s precise use of archival documents combined with its original methodology has ensured that this excerpt continues to be used as a reference for those who study the Venice Biennale. Moreover, Lamberti approaches the Venice Biennale from multiple perspectives, highlighting the important fact that the Biennale is the result of many intercepting actors and forces in its history.

− Keywords
Venice Biennale, Art Market, Corporazione, International Exhibitions, Critic's Prize